The Table Metaphor

Ask a drummer or a percussionist what a wooden coffee table sounds like. He or she will reply that every inch of the table sounds differently. Some parts of the table will sound somewhat like a bass drum. Other parts of the table will sound more like a rimshot. Parts in-between will sound like a mixture of both.

Watch Demo

A drummer or a percussionist placed behind a wooden coffee table will soon discover many different sounds the table has to offer and use it to create stunning rhythms. Much to the joy of the drummer/percussionist, and possibly to the annoyance of the other people sitting at the table. The table metaphor has been used in the creation of Drums by Asrodot. Using the real estate of the iPad screen it has been made sure that every pixel sounds just a little bit different, which makes drumming on the iPad come to life. Want to create drumrolls with subtle accents every third note? Now you can.

Choose Your Sound

This does not mean that Drums by Asrodot sounds like a coffee-table. The app comes loaded with six drum kits tailored for various styles of music. Watch the demo to get a taste of them all.

DnB 1
Xylo 5
DnB 2
Jazz Club

Velocity Sensitive

Drums by Asrodot has velocity sensitivity. you can add dynamics by tapping harder or softer. You can fine-tune the amount of sensitivity to match your style of drumming. For any drum-session where you'd prefer the full level response though, you can disable the effect altogether with the ON/OFF button.


Drums by Asrodot will run on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (3rd generation or higher). It is an universal app so you only have to purchase it once and then use it on all your devices.



Quick and responsive action. Every pixel sounds just a little different. Velocity sensitive; you can add dynamics by tapping harder or softer.

6 Drum Kits

Cajón, Xylophone, Jazz, IDM, Drum&Bass 1 + 2.


Increase gain to add a tube-like distortion that can dramatically change the sound.

Delay Module

With tweakable time, feedback and mix settings.


Designed for both right-handed and left-handed drummers. Don't like snare drums on the left and bass drums on the right? Just swap them around.